Hi there! I am Sharise Nance and throughout my childhood and even early adulthood years, I was known as shy and soft spoken. I remember during an internship for my undergraduate degree in psychology, I was encouraged to "speak up" during a meeting to advocate for the clients I served at the time. In this moment, I found my voice and decided I wanted to help my clients find their voices as well. From a shy kid to advocating for my clients and colleagues; I found my way to presenting at team meetings, lunch and learns, and eventually growing into a global speaker in front of large crowds on a variety of mental health and wellness topics. I invite you to get out the stands and into the game of creating your own workshop. The world is waiting to hear your message. Your message could save someone's life.

Have you been considering creating your own workshop material?

Have you found yourself feeling stuck or having difficulty organizing material to create a workshop?

Have you facilitated a workshop and it didn't flow the way you planned?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, the Train the trainer 6 Step Workshop guide will serve as your guide to help you organize your thoughts, ease anxiety and build confidence to prepare for your next workshop.

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By the way, I am Sharise Nance, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Award Winning Entrepreneur and Author. To date I have helped hundreds of helping and healthcare professionals just like you. Lives have been impacted by the message delivered in my workshops to help the healers and employers prevent and manage compassion fatigue and burnout.